Hack off more than you can chew.

DemonHacks is a 26-hour hackathon hosted by DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. DePaul’s Loop campus is right next to the Art Institute of Chicago and Millenium Park.





9:00am-12:00pm   Check-in

9:00am-11:00am    Meet the Sponsors

10:00am                 Breakfast

11:00am                 Opening Ceremony

11:30am                 Teams building, Hacking begins

1:00pm                   "Git Better" by Saundra (DePaul Alumni)

2:00pm                   Lunch

4:00pm                   "Personal and Application Security" by Scott Goodwin

6:00pm                   Dinner

8:00pm                   Cup Stacking




12:00am                 Midnight Snack

1:00am                   Lip sync battle/games

9:00am                   Paper Plane tournament

11:00am                 Brunch 

11:30am                 Hacking Ends

12:30-1:30pm         Project Expo

2:00pm                   Closing Ceremony

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Only students who are currently enrolled at a college/university or have graduated within the past 12 months are eligible to attend.


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Stay tuned for updates!

Judging Criteria

  • Stay tuned for updates!


  • DevOps
  • Productivity
  • Social Good